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Birch Creek Cabinets Wood Species



BIRCH-- Known for its fine, uniform texture, birch wood cabinetry can be a beautiful accent for your home. With its creamy white wood grain and easy usability, birch wood cabinets offer a soft, comforting look for your home.

MAPLE --  A hard and heavy wood known for its lighter color and tight graining (less distinct grain).  Color varies from almost white to gray to medium brown.  Maple has become very popular of late due to its tight grain and use with glazed finishes.

RED OAK -- The most traditional and commonly used wood species in cabinetry for many years.  It is known for its distinctive open graining and attractive price.  Oak lumber can vary from almost white to brown to gray.  These are normal variations in the color of oak, and are to be expected in cabinetry.  The lighter the stain, the more noticeable the variations.

WALNUT -- is one of the strongest exotic woods around.  This dark colored heartwood will provide stunning beauty and elegance in your kitchen. The color ranges from a creamy white in the sapwood to a dark brown in the heartwood of the tree.  The final coloring also depends on how it is dried.


Birch mapleleaf oakleaf Walnut
Birch Maple Oak Walnut
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